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Line 24 Snaps (100 pack) All parts sold separately   5/16” Posts 9/16” Cap Diameter Requires a setter to install 
Brass Rivets Posts - Made in Italy - Caps sold separately - Post Length in mm; Size 32 – 5mm Size 33/8 – 7mm Size 33/9 – 8mm Size 36...
Brass Rivets Caps - Made in Italy - Posts sold separately - Cap Diameter in mm Size 32 – 5mm Size 33 – 7mm Size 34 – 9mm Size 36...
Line 20 Snaps (100 pack).  All parts sold separately.  3/16” Posts.  7/16” Cap Diameter.  Requires a setter to install. 
Our Hook and Eyes are perfect for any fashion garment or tailoring project. Our metal fasteners come in a pack of 100 sets and are available in silver or black....
These toggles are suited for thin cords or elastics.  Total length is 18mm and the opening is 4mm wide.
Large sew-in snaps available in various finishes and diameters. Four sets per pack.
These are the most commonly found rivets used to reinforce denim pockets.
10 sets of Line 24 Snaps.  All parts included.  5/16” Posts.  9/16” Cap Diameter.  Requires a setter to install. 
These two options are for installing Line 20 & Line 24 Snaps  *Use with Mini Anvil 
This Heavy Duty Cast Iron Manual Hand Press installs garment accessories such as Snaps, Rivets, Grommets, Studs etc.  * DIES SOLD SEPARATELY! * Bottom opening 3/8" which is convertible to...
Post Length: 1/4” 7 mm Post Width: 13/64" 4.8 mm Head diameter: 7/16" 10.7 mm  Material: Solid Brass, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel Thread size is 8-32
Showing 1 - 18 of 110 result