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The Dritz tailor’s ham is a handy pressing tool used for pressing and molding darts, sleeve caps and curved seams. Use plaid side (65% cotton/35% polyester) for woolens, synthetic blends...
Tool for turning bias tubing, button loops, purse straps, shoulder straps, etc.
The Dritz seam roll is a handy pressing tool used for pressing seams open on long and narrow areas, pant legs and other hard-to-reach areas. Use plaid side (65% cotton/35%...
Wax free tracing paper for tracing and transferring designs and markings to most surfaces. - ideal for dressmaking, quilting and t-shirt painting - works on fabric, paper, wood, ceramic, glass,...
Large cones of thread can be put on this stand and be used with domestic sewing machines.  Can be placed on any table.  Iron base helps stand remain stable.
Resin and acid-free sewing machine oil Especially for the lubrication and maintenance of metal precision machines Handy dosing bottle with pipette tip Also suitable for use in the home
Oval magnetic pincushion Sturdy plum blue plastic Also suitable for thumb tacks or staples
Short metal sewing gauge for measuring small spaces
Extra durable Bent tip tweezers.  Great for sewers and crafters.
Dritz Fray Check is a clear, liquid seam sealant that prevents fabric from fraying and secures thread ends. It is washable, dry cleanable and will give your projects a more...
Ergonomic thimble with high wearing comfort Shaft made of soft plastic and dome made of hard plastic In sizes S, M and L
Needle threaders used to pull thread through eye of hand sewing needles
Green, self-healing cutting mat is double sided and offers the convenience of imperial measurements on one side and metric on the other. 3 ply green mat. Double sided - imperial...
The ball point bodkin can be used to turn bias tubing, insert elastic into casings, and weave ribbon.
Showing 1 - 18 of 57 result