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For truly invisible zippers with a professional appearance, this is the right foot to use. The zipper coils actually act as the guide for this foot, allowing for perfectly positioned...
The Bias Binder Foot transforms raw bias strips into perfectly precise binding by folding, feeding, flattening binding. The 1/4" Bias Binder uses bias strips 1" wide for a 1/4" finished...
The Overcast (or over edge) foot is used to add a seam finish at the edge of the seam allowance.
The zipper foot is used for most zipper sewing on most types of fabric. The zipper foot can sew both the left and right side of the zipper when snapped to the preferred...
The blind hem foot is used in conjunction with your machine's blind hem stitch to sew hems that are practically invisible on the right side of the fabric. 
The Teflon/Non-Stick Foot is helps feed difficult material like Suede, Leather, Vinyl, or even laminated fabrics smoothly. 
The Plastic Invisible Zipper foot is used to easily sew invisible zippers, designed to be discreet, becoming a part of the seam.
The open toe foot provides you with an unobstructed view of the stitching area. The open toe foot is perfect for appliquéing, decorative stitching and surface embellishment. 
The darning & freehand embroidery foot is used to repair holes & tears, but can also be used for free motion embroidery, stipple quilting and creating monograms.  Keep fabric flat and...
The Knit-Edge foot hems and top stitches knits and faux furs. Also referred to as the “little sister” to the walking foot, or a miniature walking foot.
Also known as a narrow hem foot, or round rolled hem foot.  Sews a very narrow hem, providing a professional edge finish.
Marked both in front of and behind center needle position with 1/4" and 1/8" marks. Your perfect reference point for pivoting, stopping, and starting is right on the foot. Use...
The Roller Foot is used to sew thicker and textured fabrics, heavy knits, leather or vinyl easily. 
Great foot to use when sewing overcast stitches on your sewing machine because of the extra guide installed in the foot.
The adjustable guide on this foot offers perfectly centered hands free placement of cords, ribbon, braiding, or tape up to 7mm in width.
The all-purpose foot is used for general sewing on most types of fabric. The all-purpose foot may also be used for elastic insertion and basic mending.
The scale in the presser foot can be used for perfect top stitching on both straight and curved lines. Each divisional mark equals 2mm.
A must have for machines with few or no needle position customization, the Adjustable Zipper Foot is equipped with a screw to alter the position of the presser foot in...
Showing 1 - 18 of 37 result