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Ever get annoyed when trying to make cutting lines or punching marks on finished leathers? Here's your answer. This marking pen leaves a very visible mark on the grain side...
These two options are for installing Line 20 & Line 24 Snaps  *Use with Mini Anvil 
Blunt needle with an extra large eye makes hand stitching much easier. Approx. 2" long.
One side is flat and one side is concave Used as a base to set Rivets, 12.5mm & 15mm snaps
Bevels and rounds off edges of leather The larger the number, the wider the bevel.
Our compact anvil is easy to mount to your work bench. A great base for setting rivets. 2-3/4" tall, 1-13/16" wide, 5-1/4" long and the top is 3-3/8" long.
Available in Mini and Maxi Sizes Maxi - Sizes 6 through 10 and 12 (3/16", 13/64", 7/32", 1/4", 17/64" and 5/16"). Set includes six interchangeable tempered-steel tubes and forged steel...
Protect the investment in your tools by using a high quality, impact absorbing surface underneath your leather while cutting or punching.
Rubber board that can be used under quartz slabs to absorb noise and provide shock absorption, or on top to protect your cutting tools edges.
Professionally designed tool for cutting strips up to 4" (102 mm) wide. Two cross bars firmly hold most weights of leather for perfect cuts every time. One blade included.
Shaped to prevent cutting leather too deeply and skives leather easily. Splices leather lace safely and with precision. Blade included. (Additional replacement blades #3002.)
For parallel lines, inside borders, decorative work and more. Adjusts quickly from a fine line to 5/16" wide.
Here's a fast and easy way to apply our Eco-Flo Edgeflexs to your projects. Simply dip into the Edge Paint and start rolling it on the edge of your projects...
Made from strong steel to provide years of use while maintaining a sharp cutting tube. Compatible With Craftool® Pro Rotary Leather PunchDeluxe Rotary Leather PunchMini Leather Punch SetCraftool® Pro Hand...
Showing 1 - 18 of 51 result