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Screw-opening D-ring often used for paracord bracelets. Overall dimensions: 24mm including screw x 31.8 mm. Opening: 10mm wide. Screw post diameter: 4.8mm) 
Limited quantities available.  All-purpose glue cement comes ready to use Works with vinyl, PVC, polyurethane, leather, cotton, synthetic and woven fabrics Great for art projects, furniture, car upholstery and many...
Light weight yet strong, plastic snaps can add function and a decorative look to any number of projects. Use for bibs, diapers, dresses, tops, dog coats and even pillows. Use...
8 mm weighted cord can be used in drapery for shaped piping, and in hems to increase fold volume and make drapes hang flatter.
Plastic spacers for installing hardware on thinner material. 14mm outer diameter, 4.2 inner diameter. Thickness at lip: 1.4mm.
Draw and colour in your own designs on leather and more with our leather dyes. Refillable. Fine and broad tips available.
Ez-Off makes irons glide easier. Cleans while the metal is hot. Removes starch, scorch, soil and foreign residue from all hot metal ironing surfaces. Non-flammable. Safe for metals, fabric and...
  40% Wool, 60% Viscose Lambswool a soft, thin, loosely woven interlining that provides additional warmth, as well as body. Product of Italy
3/8" Twill Tape Draw Cord heavier than normal twill tape.  Available in 14 colours.   
Reflective thread can be knitted or crocheted into your projects. Use it on a knitted hat and scarf, and thus become more visible in the dark and in traffic. It...
2oz (0.9mm)Black Smooth Cow Leather (per square foot).  This leather is suitable for thinner leather garments such as lighter jackets, pants etc. It has a smooth feel and a soft temper...
Black garment weight pigskin suede (per square foot).  This leather is about 0.5mm thick and has a soft temper yet is strong. Great for garments, bag lining and more.
Black garment weight lambskin (per square foot).  This leather has a soft silky feel on the finished grain side and is suitable for leather garments, gloves, etc. 
2oz / 1.3mm Black Shiny Pebble Cow Leather (per square foot).  This leather is suitable for handbags, furniture, jackets etc.  It has a soft temper. 
2-3oz Black Smooth Cow Leather (per square foot).  This leather is suitable for bags and wallets.  It has a smooth surface and a firmer temper. 
Showing 1 - 18 of 1062 result