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Blunt needle with an extra large eye makes hand stitching much easier. Approx. 2" long.
Ever get annoyed when trying to make cutting lines or punching marks on finished leathers? Here's your answer. This marking pen leaves a very visible mark on the grain side...
C.S. Osborne's Revolving Punch is a nickel plated, fine quality pressed frame revolving punch with drive tubes. The tubes, which are in sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6,...
You'll love this tool for burnishing your projects. This tool is ideal for those small curved areas that are often hard to reach. You have four width choices and a...
Bevels and rounds off edges of leather The larger the number, the wider the bevel.
Used for coating embroidery thread to protect it from abrasion.
Easy to use. Rugged aluminum handle and blade, plus protective plastic cap. 
Our compact anvil is easy to mount to your work bench. A great base for setting rivets. 2-3/4" tall, 1-13/16" wide, 5-1/4" long and the top is 3-3/8" long.
Made from 41xx steel, these punches have incredible strength and toughness due to the case hardening process after the punches are formed. Finished with a black electrophoresis coating to prevent...
Rubber board that can be used under quartz slabs to absorb noise and provide shock absorption, or on top to protect your cutting tools edges.
Professionally designed tool for cutting strips up to 4" (102 mm) wide. Two cross bars firmly hold most weights of leather for perfect cuts every time. One blade included.
For parallel lines, inside borders, decorative work and more. Adjusts quickly from a fine line to 5/16" wide.
This compact skiving knife is a great versatile tool for both skiving leather down to your needed thickness, and cutting out leather pieces. Designed to be stropped and sharpened as...
Al Stohlman's name has always stood for the best in leathercraft. The 4-3/8" blade is stainless steel and polished to a mirror-like finish that helps it easily glide through thick...
Shaped to prevent cutting leather too deeply and skives leather easily. Splices leather lace safely and with precision. Blade included. (Additional replacement blades #3002.)
Showing 1 - 18 of 52 result