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Tracing Wheel
120" Tape Measure
140mm Machine Foot Screwdriver
Adhesive Felt (8-1/2" x 11")
Adhesive Tape Measure
Barge All-Purpose Cement-Quart
Barge Cement (0.75oz)
Barge Cement (2oz)
Beeswax in Holder
Bias Tape Maker

Bias Tape Maker

from $5.29

Bobbin Box

Bobbin Box


Bodkin (2 pack)
Box of Tailor Chalk (48 pieces)
Button Hole Cutter
Button Lifter / Point Turner
Buttonhole Spacer and Sizer
Chalk Skirt Hem Marker
Clover Seam Ripper
Colour Pins (6g)
Colour Pins (6g)
Cone Inserts (3pcs.)
Curve Stick Ruler
Daubers (2-Pack)
Double-Sided Leather Tape
Dragonfly Tailoring Shears
Dressmaker Chalk Pencil Set
Dressmaker Gauge
Dylon  S.O.S. Colour Run
Dylon Easy Iron
Dylon Renovator White
Dylon Spray Starch
Elastic Thread
Embroidery Hoop

Embroidery Hoop

from $3.29

Extra-Long Colour Pins (8.5g)
Fabric-Tak (4oz.)
Flat Head Pins (50 Pcs)
Fray Check

Fray Check


French Curve 4-Piece Set
Heart Chalk Wheel Marker
Heat Transfer Pencil
Invisible Thread
Iron Cleaner

Iron Cleaner


Iron Press Plate
Iron-On Patches (2-Pack)
Iron-On Stitchery
Jiffy Grip Fabric
Knit Fixer

Knit Fixer


Knitted Cuffs
Large Seam Ripper
Leather Elbow Patches (2-pack)
Loop Turner

Loop Turner


Maternity Wear
Metal French Curve 12"
Metal L-Ruler

Metal L-Ruler


Name Labelling Kit
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